Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Acupuncture for Babies

Acupuncture for babies is actually acupressure for babies. And I can do it at home! The acupuncturist said definitely a food allergy combined with myself having dairy again. Doesn't help my mom guilt but at least I can stop wondering. He gave me some herbs, too, which I have yet to give Logan since we went straight to Mommy and Me Yoga while he slept on the way, and he fell asleep immediately after. 

I'm hopeful for the herbs to take away the rash but also nervous. I've had Chinese herbs before that smelled like mushrooms. I pretty much felt like I was on mushrooms taking them even though I've never done anything like that. I'll just give them and watch. Praying the horrible red splotchy spots go away.

Eczema Research

I've taken a break today from work to contemplate what to do about this little guy breaking out in eczema. My heart is so so so broken that I broke him. I fed him way too much variety way too soon. I know better especially with Brando's side being allergenic.

So today I contemplated. Tomorrow morning he has an acupuncture appointment. Praying this goes well. Today I realized the things I've been doing different the last few weeks when these allergic reactions have popped up - eating dairy and giving him table food, and no acidophilus the last few days

So even though I had pizza tonight before I realized as I've been lenient the past few weeks, no more dairy once again. If it can make him spit up maybe it can give him eczema now that he's a little too old to spit up much. I've replenished my acidophilus, loading up to make up for missing a few days (amazing how it helps my mood and perspective - there's several TED talks on gut flora and mood, totally agree) and even giving Logan some mixed in water with a spoon. I tried to go to basic baby oatmeal today with breast milk mixed in. He hated it. That's what I get for a partly baby led weaned baby. Tomorrow I think I'll blend up the regular organic oatmeal I have for him so it's a little easier to digest and try that instead. My mom said to just do oatmeal for the next week to clean out his system, so we're trying that and praying it works. The chronic cases of eczema I've heard from friends and see via google are so scary. I never knew asthma, hay fever, and eczema were related. I guess I'm glad I realize he has those tendencies now so I can watch out for them. Even though I wholeheartedly believe I'm the one who did this to him in the first place. Praying for the acupuncture tomorrow, and researching researching researching in the meantime. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Being perfect


I raised both the boys without grandparents around. Now I'm raising another without grandparents around. Sometimes my heart is broken as a result. Sometimes I just want my mom around. Sometimes I just want to be within a days drive of all our family. My sister out here raised her boys across the street from their grandparents. Sometimes I feel like my boys get to see more of my parents because they'll come to visit us exclusively for a period of time. They've been here for each of the boys birthdays except for last years. They've been here for every Mother's Day, our anniversary, and Thanksgiving because of the ways the dates fall except for last years. Last year, this year, I'm not on top of things and don't have them out here. I'm missing them incredibly.

Logan has eczema. I am slightly freaking out. Okay, a lot. Every person I know who has dealt with eczema with their kid has dealt with a never ending battle. I'm so disappointed in myself for causing it in the first place. I fed him a bunch of foods all at once without giving his little body time to process. Now I don't know what caused it. Not to mention he already had an allergic reaction from doing the same thing last week that refuses to go away.

I've given him probiotics, put weleda on the spots, will stop feeding him anything he hasn't had quite a few times without a reaction, and possibly take him to baby acupuncture to get last weeks reaction to go away but I am so so so disappointed with myself for being crazy with his food options in the first place.

This week I am so off kilter as it is. Brando switched our work spaces around so now we work completely separately from each other - he upstairs, I downstairs. I basically never see him and don't even get to work next to him anymore. It's funny, I'll mention it to him but he won't do anything about it til I break down. Well I'm breaking down. I can barely hang on with both of us working 24/7 as it is. Not even getting to work next to him and now my baby breaking out in exczema is breaking me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Things I Want To Remember Before They Pass By

Logan does so many sweet things I thought were around to stay but quicker than I can blink they are passing by. I always want to remember he

*plays peekaboo with EVERYthing. Blanket, basket liner, diaper, beanie, shirt, pajamas, you name it he plays peekaboo with it. By himself. Item over his face, legs and arms out straight, hardly able to contain himself with excitement at the possibility of what is beyond this thing he put over his face. I thought this was around to stay but sadly is going by the wayside as he moves on to bigger and better things.

*holds my hand as we're driving to fall asleep. He still does this initially but let's go instead of holding on the whole time like he used to. He also used to grab onto the ring on the bottom of his toy hanging above his car seat if a hand (mine, dads, or his brothers) wasn't available.

*lets me kiss him to sleep all over his face. I've been able to do this a few times recently but oh the baby smell I could breathe in when he let me do this regularly.

*smiles crazy daddy smiles when daddy gets home. As he gets older and mom is more stressed out and less encouraging for the excitement when daddy gets home this is fading. He's transferred most of his entire body excitement to his brother who sits and entertains him for hours once he gets home from school.

*lets me rock him to sleep. This one isn't going by the wayside anytime soon, but rocking in our glider next to the window as you stare at the trees makes my heart so full feels like it may burst.

Saturday, January 04, 2014


Not sure how but my man became an amazing chef overnight. From crepes to steak to chicken quesadillas to mcmuffins that put McDonald's to shame. Not only is he an amazing chef but he comes up with his own recipes that taste out of this world. Mind blown.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Blog

Find me over here. Email me at sundrops at gmail dot com to request an invite.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Creating a bonfire

I've been reading Sarah's emails for awhile. Even though the main focus of weight loss doesn't necessarily apply to me, her energy is infectious, and her random emails on life, business, and now marriage are nuggets of gold. Today's email caught my eye as I start to go on a downward spiral after finishing up a year long project yesterday. "Are you destined for divorce?" I had to read further, as poor Brando catches the brunt of my triggers every single time, and today he's getting the bottom of the barrel. A quote that stood out to me, that I have realized in other ways through different inspirations throughout the year, is, "When it comes to relationships, f**k the spark, how are you going to create a f**king bonfire?"

The comments for articles intrigue me almost as much as the article, as I love reading other people's perspectives and feedback to truly round out the article. A comment Sarah left in reply to a comment  asking how to make a bonfire when you're single in regards to Sarah's suggestion to do so caught my eye, "Great question. Have as much fun as possible! Concentrate on doing things that light you up, and get out of the house. If you’re having fun, and are totally in love with yourself, you’re gonna be a frickin magnet. To me, it’s really that simple." I have believed that from day one, even when you're in a relationship I believe a small part of this still applies, especially if you're a SAHM. I have not ever been able to put this into words as succinctly and beautifully as Sarah did, though.

Thank you, Sarah, for an amazing article at the perfect timing. Now let's just hope my log isn't too wet for me to chip away the wet bark today, because I really don't feel like blowing too hard today ;) .

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dopamine and Video Games

A letter to my cousin, after her implication videos are bad because they raise dopamine levels:

[to my cousin] So since you mentioned the whole dopamine thing and video games I've been meaning to sit down and research the subject. Finally had a chance to. Turns out there's a LOT more behind the scenes.

One article, Dopey about Dopamine, states video games don't raise dopamine levels any more than eating food or sex, as well as sites studies showing data regarding same. The same article argues people need to distinguish between a substance and behavior.

"we have to stop treating behaviors as if they were controlled substances. Playing video games, watching television, eating, and having sex are behaviors that can all be problematic in certain times and certain contexts. But they are not the same as ingesting drugs, they don’t cause the same level of chemical change in the brain."
Another article, This is Your Brain on Video Games, talks about video games creates new learning comparable to learning in graduate school. He cites several organizations that support gaming to improve mental cognition. He also cited several studies including one where gamers outperform nongamers, including gamers who started a week prior for the sole purpose of addressing the weakness that gamers may be more visual learners in the first place. In addition, he cited a study where surgeons who played games more than three hours a week had 37% less errors than nongaming peers.

More than several TedTalks address video games and their benefits to the real world, such as in Jane McGonigal's TedTalk on how a video game recovered her from a head injury, and Tom Chatfield's TedTalk on how gaming can increase learning, along with many others.

Do you see my dilemna?!?!

Really, if this was based on facts, there would be no dilemma. Live a balanced life, and video games are a major benefit. Don't live a balanced life, and they aren't.

The thing is, I *personally* don't like video games. I'm also a lot dumber visually than the boys and Brando. And by a lot, I mean a LOT. Also, if I don't like something, I kind of don't want them to spend time on something I don't like. But, then, who am I to keep them from challenging themselves mentally just because I'd rather spend time challenging myself in other ways?

[to my cousin] Was thinking on this and finally had time to research. Thought I'd share my research and dilemmas with you since you mentioned the one thing that got me researching :) .


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